North Valley Finca

SIBU North Valley offered for Sale



In an effort to minimize the already minuscule  human “footprint” surrounding SIBU Sanctuary, SIBU’s North Valley (with the option of it’s adjacent ocean view home sites) is now being offered for sale.


This may be a perfect fit for those seeking privacy and tranquility. Adding the additional 8+ acres of the North Valley to either or both panoramic ocean view lots #5 and # 8 allows options for a Family Estate with  rich, fertile black soil for planting anything and everything and enough space for horses, too.


The combination of the North Valley with  lot # 5 and / or lot #8, nestled amongst the botanical jungle gardens of SIBU, could also be developed as a Boutique Seminar / Retreat Center


We’re actively soliciting for environmentally responsible parties wishing to establish a boutique garden Retreat or Seminar Center, catering to businesses, such as the creative arts (actors, writers, painters, musicians), as well as the holistic / healing arts (yoga, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, etc.).

This “Boutique Center” could be leased “per event” to businesses or corporations that needed these facilities in a beautiful natural setting near the beaches. SIBU is conveniently located amongst the closest hills in front of Playa Nosara – part of the protected coastline ranging from Ostional to Playa Guiones. As per Costa Rican law, no construction whatsoever will be allowed on Playa Nosara, enabling it to always remain in its current pristine and natural condition.

Business plans may include a leaseback of the Boutique Center’s lodging, allowing investors to buy a vacation home at the Center with leaseback options, generating revenue for the owner as well as providing accommodations within the Center.

With the new $1,000,000.00 Nosara airport renovation, flights from San Jose make Nosara the most convenient “exotic getaway destination” for The Center’s clientele, arriving from the United States (only 2+ hours away), and from other countries. Nosara enjoys a myriad of extra curricular activities for “the Center” attendee with snorkeling, swimming, horseback riding, world renoun deep sea fishing and surfing, waterfall hiking, river kayaking plus the World’s longest Zip Line Canopy Tour, to name a few.



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