North Valley of SIBU


SIBU’s North Valley is a lush ecosystem with rich, fertile soil washed down from the foothills of SIBU over the millennia. Large primary forest trees spread their limbs across this valley providing a non-segmented areal canopy of trails for the wildlife of SIBU. Scores of cocobolo or rosewood trees were planted here by the previous owner making this property a wise investment for the future.

The North Valley of SIBU is a stand alone property – with a private entrance, it’s perfect for those who want to work the land with permaculture, have horses, and enjoy the privacy that the eight acres provide. However, combined with one or both of the two adjacent Pacific ocean vista view lots, both fresh winds and panoramic views are combined with seclusion and privacy – a perfect combination.

To see the video of SIBU’s lots #5, #8 and the North Valley, please click here



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