New for 2017

The rainy or “Green Season” is here. Everything is sprouting and growing like crazy! The aromas of the wild waft in the wonderful, moist air.

We’re celebrating the GREEN Season with a great concept.  Lot #1 here in SIBU is selling at $179,000. It is 1.39 acres with a meadow and mountain view and a small view of the Pacific at the “Boca”.  Consider purchasing a portion of SIBU’s South Valley with lot #1 for more privacy and acreage for horses, permaculture and more! Now, for a limited time, starting MAY 1st, 2017, we are offering a 10% discount on the retail price of any SIBU property bought DIRECT from SIBU.

Unique Personal or Multi Family Estate

SIBU is a gated neighborhood in 50 acres of botanical jungle gardens. We are offering up to 16+ acres with up to 4 hill top building sites for sale. Choose from several site combinations with panoramic views of Playa Nosara in front and mountain vistas to the east. Single lots also available.

SIBU is located a mere 12 minutes from Playa Guiones to the south and 12 minutes to the northeast to Nosara Center and the airport. For more information and a visit, please call or email: /

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Plant Nursery / Vivero

A new vivero or plant nursery has been completed just above the SIBU Sanctuary staff / volunteer casita. This has enabled Steve and Vicki to propagate many plants and trees for transplant throughout the valleys of SIBU, providing many of the leaves that the Howler monkeys eat in the wild. With hundreds of plants being planted each year, the new vivero will go a long way in getting the transplant stock growing faster for out planting.



Steve and Vicki have upgraded the well pump from a 2 horse power to a 5 HP pump, allowing for a much higher GPM to be pumped into SIBU’s 51,000 cubic liter holding tank located atop SIBU Sanctuary. To accommodate this larger flow rate, they upgraded the water main from a 1 1/2″ line to a fat 2 inch line. More water in less time! Water is delivered to over 55 commercial Rainbird irrigation sprinklers to provide water throughout the dry season, keeping the valleys of SIBU lush and green.


SIBU continues to make great strides, refining the long term objectives of creating a garden jungle paradise, for the residents of SIBU – both human and animal. The  entrance has been built with natural stone columns, an entrance roof made from Palmex (a synthetic palm thatch), and a custom gate designed by Vicki (of course with lounging Howler monkeys in the trees) with beautiful gardens on both sides of the entrance as well as continuing inside SIBU.


The roadways throughout SIBU’s valley and ridges were developed over the years: the first year was to monitor the natural flow of  rain runoff during the wettest period of the rainy season with the objective of working WITH Nature to allow a more efficient flow; the second year saw Vicki riding the D6 Dozer with its operator, following this natural flow and widening it, creating the baseline of the roadways; during the third year, these roadways became even more efficient with the installation of roadside gutters and underground culverts to direct the rain runoff away from the roads without picking up too much velocity or volume, causing erosion.

As we look back at the development of our SIBU roadways, there is nothing that we would have done different!


SIBU became one of the first low impact, sustainable neighborhoods in the Nosara area with the installation of underground utilities to the Sanctuary and several lots. The electric transformer is located on the ground, shielded by a large green metal box. There are no wide corridors hacked through the jungle canopy of SIBU. Its canopy boasts large populations of monkeys, pizotes, and other wildlife seen mostly in the wild.