Legend of SIBU

The Legend of SIBU

According to an ancient legend of the Bribri and Cabeear Indians, the huge platform formed by the Cordillera de Talamanca, whose peaks between Costa Rica and Panama rise to an altitude of almost 12,000 feet above sea level, was the site where the god SIBU decided to set up house and sow the maize seeds that would give birth to humankind. According to this legend, the creation took place at the source of the Lari River in Surayum, where SIBU organized great festivities, handing out lavish quantities of cacao to each person who had helped him. When they were over, he brought forward young Iriria, the Earth, so that she could cover the rock with her fertile bridal train, and the world began to turn green. Then Sibu fell asleep after asking the cuyeo bird to sing for him that night. SIBU lived in a round house with a thatched roof.

The architecture for homes in SIBU  is very similar to that in which the legendary SIBU lived. Steve and Vicki have designed several SIBU “Jungalows” for their clients’ consideration. “We use natural materials – stone – local woods, a lot of glass and Palmex, the synthetic palm thatch, (guaranteed for almost 30 years) for the roofs. Steve says. “ Our designs are a very upscale Swiss Family Robinson effect. Modular, with separate master bedroom and living room / kitchen pods, some connected by an aerial walkway,” Vicki adds. “You come to Costa Rica for the tropics – for the outdoors. Our designs blur the outside with the inside, embracing nature.”

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